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Meet the Characters

August closeup.jpg

August Havens

A fifteen year old girl caught up in a world of danger after the deaths of her parents in a tragic accident. Cocky, determined, and stubborn.


Juliet "Jules" Spencer

August's cousin and guardian who is unwillingly dragged along for the ride. Kind, loyal, and calm.


William "Will" Billings

Aaron's former partner in the field. Uncertain which side he's on. Mysterious, rational, and persistent.

jase closeup1.jpg

Jason "Jase" Beckett

A nineteen year old inventor and former analyst for the CIA. Has a laptop filled with government secrets. Protective, smart, and courageous.

kara closeup1.jpg

Kara Jacobs

One of Aaron's former partners at the CIA and a hacking genius. Serves as the team's disguise expert. Clever, honest, and resourceful.


Aaron Steele

Formerly one of the CIA's best agents, he currently serves as August's protector to keep a promise to her father. Gruff, experienced, and thoughtful.

Blaire closeup.jpg

Blaire Pruitt

August's best friend who doesn't know the truth about August's accident. Joins the team in Twisted. Compassionate, naive, and energetic.


Cristina Serrano

August's "double" who doesn't hesitate to get her in trouble. More to her than initially appears. Enigmatic, sarcastic, and headstrong.

Character art copyright Laura Hollingsworth, 2015
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