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Follow August Havens and her companions on an incredible globetrotting adventure to discover the secrets of her past. Available on Amazon, Kindle, and via the author.

wanted cover.JPG
Wanted (The August Havens Chronicles, Book 1)


August Havens was a normal girl until the night of the accident. During that fateful evening, both her beloved parents and her memory of the event vanished in an instant. She thought it was a blessing in disguise not to remember until the CIA came after her wanting to know her parents' secrets. Now with the help of a gruff rogue agent and a young and clever inventor with secrets of their own, she must unlock her memories of the most horrible night of her life and manage to stay one step ahead of her enemies. It won't be easy, but sometimes the skeletons in the closet must be revealed.

twisted cover1.jpg
Twisted (The August Havens Chronicles, Book 2)


After becoming separated from her companions, August is living a slightly normal life in Philadelphia. However, don't expect her to stay there long. With a new enemy on the loose after Jase’s invention and the CIA still on her trail, soon August is dragged back into a world of danger along with her best friend Blaire, who thought she was in a coma. As August struggles to remember the accident and survive the rules of her new reality, more threats begin to arrive. It’s time for the girl who wasn’t supposed to exist to disappear again.

Crossed cover.jpeg
Crossed (The August Havens Chronicles, Book 3)


After faking her death a year ago, August Havens has been living a life in hiding. However, one mistake leads her enemies to her, and soon August is on the run once more with the stakes raised higher than before. With her friends captured and a complex heist being their only chance, August must put everything on the line to save them. This may be a mission that not even the girl who wasn't supposed to exist can accomplish.

Shattered cover.jpg
Shattered (The August Havens Chronicles, Book 4)

Coming in 2020! August Havens wakes up with no memory of the last year of her life. One moment, she was in a car accident with her parents, the next, she's in a storage closet in Washington, D.C. Suddenly, she finds herself on the run from the government, having to trust a complete stranger who says he can help her uncover her past. Meanwhile, halfway across the world, August's allies continue their mission of rescuing their friends from the elusive arms dealer Stefano Bonacci. Operation Lark isn't going to let August slip away that easily either. With their enemies getting closer and her mind a blur, it will take everything in August's power to keep her world from becoming shattered.

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